Petrel V27 Dive Planner Anomaly

Petrel V27 Dive Planner Anomaly

Dear Shearwater Petrel Users,

We have recently discovered a firmware bug that affects the Dive Planner in Petrel firmware v27.

The error is that under some circumstances an ascent leg is incorrectly labeled as a descent leg and given zero time duration. This leads to incorrect gas usage calculations for this leg, as well as the run time being short by the time it would take for this ascent leg. The decompression stop times are correct.

This bug is in the Dive Planner only, and has no impact on decompression calculations when diving.

A new release is currently being tested. We expect this to be released next week.

In the meantime, the error can be spotted as a leg labelled "des" (descent) in the Dive Planner results. Normally you should not see "des" legs when planning on the surface. Do not use gas usage calculations from planned profiles showing such a "des" leg. Not all plans are affected.

For example, in this plan the circled leg should be labelled "asc" (ascent), the gas quantity should be non-zero, and the run-time should have increased by 3 minutes.

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