Shearwater offers a worldwide 2-year warranty on all products. The warranty lives with the unit, not with the original purchaser. This means that whether you buy your unit from our dealer network or second-hand, the warranty will still be effective.

  • Shearwater will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace defective products covered under warranty.
  • Unauthorized repairs, accidental damage, or negligence are not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty covers included accessories such as chargers and straps.


Answers to the most common warranty related questions.

Battery Leaks

Damaged caused by battery leaks in dive computers that use a user changeable battery is not covered under warranty. Shearwater recommends the use of a lithium battery such as the Energizer Ultimate Lithium 1.5v battery to reduce the chance of battery leaks. Leaving AA batteries (especially alkaline batteries) in devices for extended periods of time significantly increases the chance of damage from a battery leak.

DEMO & PRO Computers

Please note that the warranty with our Demo & Pro model computers are only available to the original purchaser. For demo models, this means the authorized demo centre that purchased the computer. For Pro models, this extends to the original instructor/dive professional that was confirmed at time of purchase. This warranty is absolutely non-transferrable as these models are not intended for resale.

Repairs/service can be performed on Demo and Pro models, but if you are not the original owner, there will be a cost for the service.

These guidelines apply to standard Shearwater products only and any governmental products, including military, commercial, and public safety, may be subject to their own warranty conditions – please consult your representative for further information.