Shearwater Desktop 2.4.0

Shearwater Desktop 2.4.0

Available Here:

Release Notes for Shearwater Desktop 2.4.0

Change: New Firmware Update process:

Firmware Updates are now semi-automatic. Firmware updates are downloaded automatically from the website, and the interface has changed to guide the user through the process. Users have an opportunity to select which language they want to use.

Please note that firmware updates are not installed without the user's permission; the update process is still only instigated by the user.

New Feature: Improved Error handling for firmware updates:

The way the error messages work for the firmware update process is also different. When Shearwater Desktop encounters an error, it will try to give instruction on how to fix the error, instead of just spitting out an error code. If it doesn’t know the answer, it will provide a link to our website’s contact page. It can also upload a debug log for tech support to look at. That way people can focus on getting help rather than trying to figure out what an error code means. Note: This feature is only implemented for firmware updates. Dive downloads function exactly as they do in 2.3.8.

New Feature: File association:

Dive logs and firmware updates that are double-clicked on in Windows or Mac will open Shearwater Desktop and import or install the file properly.

Improvement: Shearwater Connector:

The software utility that communicates with the dive computer on Mac and PC are now more robust and reliable.

Change: The User interface for Pop-Ups have changed to reflect the aesthetics of the website