Petrel / Perdix Firmware V37 Release Notes

Petrel / Perdix Firmware V37 Release Notes

A note on models: The Petrel, Petrel 2, and Perdix share a common firmware base. Due to hardware differences not all features are available on all models. The following changes apply to all models unless otherwise noted.

Changes in Firmware Version 37:

v37picture1FIX: Corrected the ascent rate arrows display. In v34 the dark gray was incorrect, making the display appear to always be full.

FIX (Petrel 1 model only): Now able to add the ∆+5 to the configurable center row locations. This was mistakenly omitted from v34 on the Petrel 1 model only.

FIX (Petrel 2 analog PPO2 models only): Added ability to correct an O2 offset problem that affected Petrel 2 analog PPO2 monitoring models (e.g. the Petrel 2 Fischer) that shipped from the factory with firmware v29 installed. Please see the notice at for more details. DiveCAN rebreather controller models were not affected by this issue.