The PETREL 3 gives divers our most connected experience. A stunning, easy-to-read, 2.6” AMOLED display is protected by a toughened glass lens, titanium bezel, and piezo touch buttons.

Air integration is standard with up to four Shearwater transmitters to customize a solution from open circuit to rebreather and bailout gas pressure monitoring.

Safety is increased with a strong vibration alert system, and a user-changeable AA battery offers long dive times and ease of replacement.

This model includes a Fischer port connection. The External Monitoring Mode provides real time PPO2 monitoring of 1 - 3 O2 sensors.

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    World-class rebreather monitoring solution

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    Biggest, brightest, easiest to read display

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    Air integration capability

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    Powerful vibration alerts

$1,545.00 USD

Petrel 3 Fischer

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Large, easy-to-read display

6.60cm / 2.6” bright and clear AMOLED display. Impact resistant toughened aluminosilicate glass screen with superior clarity.

Two Button Interface

Easy to navigate, state aware menu structure.

User Replaceable AA Battery

The Petrel 3 works with any type of standard AA battery.


Digital Compass

Three Axis, tilt compensated, digital compass. Available in all modes.

Air Integration

PETREL 3 is capable of connection to up to four transmitters, making it ideal for advanced and technical diving.

Customizable Alerts

In addition to automatic warnings indicating potentially dangerous situations, the PETREL 3 has customizable alerts for maximum depth, maximum dive time, and no-decompression limit.


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