Introducing PEREGRINE TX

Introducing the PEREGRINE TX

Step into the journey with the new Peregrine TX. A fusion of the beloved Peregrine's large screen and user-friendly interface, now with added air integration capability and a digital compass.

Designed for sport divers, the Peregrine TX delivers the renowned Shearwater experience at extraordinary value. Whether you're exploring wrecks and walls or navigating vibrant coral gardens, the Peregrine TX is your ideal companion for an unforgettable underwater adventure. 


Dive More With Air Integration

Enhance your dive experience by pairing your Peregrine TX with a SWIFT transmitter. Receive real-time gas pressure data and benefit from accurate gas time remaining calculations for extended dive time. Easily view all dive metrics in one display, maximizing your adventure and enjoyment underwater. 


Find Your Way

The integrated digital compass provides clear headings to ensure you stay on course throughout your dive and the reciprocal heading will get you back to your starting point with ease. With the Peregrine TX, navigating underwater has never been simpler.  

Peregrine TX x SWIFT Combo

Get the most of out of your Peregrine TX by stepping into the journey of air integration. This convenient package consisting of a Peregrine TX x SWIFT transmitter, and allows you to safely extend your dive time. 

New Strap Colours and Sizes Available

Want to personalize your Peregrine TX? New grey and white standard size straps are now available, along with the current long straps that come in black, white, and ocean blue. 



Step into step into the journey and learn more about the Peregrine TX. Find your nearest Shearwater authorized dealer