Avelo Mode Data

Consent & Waiver to Share with Avelo Labs – I understand that the Avelo Mode collects dive computer data from my dive computer before, during and shortly after the dive. This data is used for training, analytics, product development and, in an anonomized format, to provide research and safetyrelated information to the scuba industry at large.  As a condition of the Shearwater Cloud Terms of Service, I agree to voluntarily provide my dive computer data generated by using the Avelo Mode.  I acknowledge and understand that when uploading Avelo Mode type dives to my Shearwater Cloud account, the Avelo Mode data will be shared with Avelo Labs.  I understand that this data and information will be used for the specified purposes as stated above.  I hereby give my consent to the processing, storage, and analysis of my data.  I understand that this data will not be shared outside of Avelo Labs and Avelo affiliates unless it is in an anonymized format.  I hereby release the provider of the Avelo Mode on my dive computer and its agents and partners from any liability related to the use of my data.  I also understand that while the Avelo Mode provider will take reasonable measures to protect my dive computer data, Avelo Labs is not responsible for any unauthorized access, loss, or misuse of my data.  I further understand that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time by opting out by changing the settings on my Shearwater Cloud account.