Avelo Mode Resources

About the Avelo System

Discover an exciting new way to dive into adventure with a lightweight system compared to traditional scuba diving gear.

Avelo is a revolutionary scuba system that reimagines the dive experience with advanced design and lightweight composite materials, and an innovative method for buoyancy control.

Water is used to manage buoyancy in the Avelo System through its revolutionary Hydrotank. This significantly reduces the weight you carry out of the water. It also helps you freely explore underwater.

The water inside the Hydrotank doesn’t expand or contract as with air in an inflatable BCD. This creates the sensation of flying underwater and provides a far safer and superior buoyancy control system.

Adventure starts with Avelo.

Avelo Mode for Shearwater Teric

Gain easy visibility of your Avelo dive data and ensure accurate gas time remaining when you enable Avelo Mode on the Teric dive computer.  

Avelo Mode includes the following: 

  • Personal/gear/buoyancy setup menu 
  • Gas time remaining as % of starting pressure 
  • Tank pressure 
  • Calculation of your buoyancy status 
  • User input to “clear” buoyancy status to “neutral” 
  • Cloud support for Avelo profiles 
  • Dive shops can send profiles to Avelo dashboard to use as a teaching device


Using the Avelo Mode on your Shearwater computer can help enhance safety and overall dive performance through understanding the zone of neutral buoyancy, diver workload and efficiency. Ultimately, divers can experience longer dives and more bottom time compared to diving Avelo alone. 

Enable Avelo Mode

Avelo Mode is only available on a Shearwater Teric when paired with a Swift transmitter. 

Contact an Authorized Shearwater Dealer to make a purchase. Have your serial number ready.