Shearwater Desktop 2.5.0

Shearwater Desktop 2.5.0

New Features/Improvements:

Multiple select - You can now select multiple dives with ctrl or shift + click. This allows new interactions:

  • Mass delete multiple dives
  • Mass print a bunch of dives
  • Export a set of dives at a time
  • Edit the dive details of more than one dive at a time – Easy to add a location to a set of dives!

Export revamp:

  • DAN export now works. This has been tested with a number of online diving logs.
  • CSV exports now have additional header information.

Improved Dive statistics:

  • Surface interval
  • Dive Type (OC,CC,SC)
  • Longest dive, shortest dive, total dive time for multiple dive logs

Dive Graph Improvements:

  • Zoom into a dive via mouse scroll
  • Pan via scrollbar
  • Pan via Mouse drag
  • Visual improvements to gasses display
  • CNS graph for Petrels and above
  • Massive redesign of hover over information
  • Lines are bold when moused over.

Auto Update time:

  • Petrel, Nerd and recent Predator can now auto update the time when connecting to SW Desktop. (switchable via menu item)

UI Improvements:

  • Entire UI can now be switched between metric and imperial.
  • Dive list has removable columns (in the View menu)
  • Refreshed user interface design/Color scheme
  • Rearranged Dive Details sidebar

Selective Dive Downloader improvements:

  • Per dive progress
  • Per dive error messages
  • Download will no longer halt on first error. (helps to skip corrupt dives)

Bug fixes:

  • Average Depth now matches Petrel
  • Correct PPHe and PPN2 calculations

Shearwater Connector Improvements:

  • SW Connector is now tolerant of Bluetooth device name changes in Windows.