lost Peregrine survives year in ocean

Resilience Tested: Lost Peregrine Survives a Year in the Ocean

In the summer of 2022, I purchased a Shearwater Peregrine dive computer from my local dive shop in Port Orange, Florida. I immediately fell in love with the ease of use, large screen and colored font. It is the perfect all around base dive computer for rec divers. I highly recommend this computer to everyone looking for a quality dive computer. 

Unfortunately, I only dove with it a few dives before disaster struck.  In the winter of 2022, my Peregrine was ripped off my wrist while returning to a dive boat during rough seas off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. My beloved Peregrine computer sank down to the bottom of the sea.  



One year later, that same Peregrine dive computer made it back into my hands!  A recreational diver on a charter boat from Jupiter found the watch on the bottom of the Atlantic coast and handed it in to the dive shop! This was the note I received from John Sullivan, the diver who found it in Florida: 

"I found your computer! (During the) last week of November, (I was diving) on top of ledge about 75 feet deep (and) about 100 feet east of (reef) ledge.  Most people swim along the edge.  I swim back and forth. Your computer was sitting in a little patch of sand just a little larger than your computer in some rocks (which is) hard to believe with as many people that dive the same areas or the computer hadn’t (been) covered over with sand."  



He returned it to Jupiter Dive Center where they cleaned and charged it, found the serial number and contacted Shearwater. Shearwater's records indicated that it was sold to my local dive shop. 

“When Shearwater contacted Discover Diving Dive Center and asked if we could help find the owner of the Peregrine, I knew right away who the owner was, and contacted Roxy right away,” said Michele Reed, the owner of Discover Diving Dive Center.

I was able to get it returned to me, and best of all, it still works!

Gerry Carroll, the owner of Jupiter Dive Center says, “It’s always nice when the dive community comes together to get someone’s equipment back to them, with the help of Shearwater.” 



I have since purchased another Peregrine, but I plan to give this one to my husband as he is just learning to dive. I find it pretty incredible that it sat in the bottom of the ocean for one year at 75 feet and still works...talk about quality! Not only did it last a year, it also survived two major hurricanes, Ian and Nicole, and countless other storms. 


Written by Roxanne Carter, PADI OWSI