Petrel Firmware V28

Petrel Firmware V28

NOTE: You must have Shearwater Desktop 2.3.8+ to perform this update.

Download the complete change log in the Petrel Firmware V28 Release Notes

Listing of changes in Petrel Firmware v28


The above image illustrates the problem that has been fixed. This leg will now be correctly labelled as an ascent leg, with proper runtime and gas quantity.

All Models:

BUG FIX: Fixed a bug in the Dive Planner where under some circumstances an ascent leg would incorrectly labeled as a descent leg and given zero time duration. This would lead to incorrect gas usage calculations for this leg, as well as the run time being short by the time it would take for this ascent leg. Note that this affected the dive planner, and not the real-time decompression calculations. This fix is the only change for version 28.