Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Dealer for Shearwater Research Inc. Shearwater designs and manufacturers premium quality dive computers for the recreational and technical SCUBA markets, and rebreather control systems for many of the leading rebreather manufacturers around the world.

It is very important that we maintain a distribution network of the highest standards to reflect our Core Values:

  • Really, Really Care About Our Customers
  • Continuously Improving
  • Energized To Succeed
  • Treat Everyone With Respect

If you feel your Dive Shop can share and represent these values to your customers, we look forward to discussing a successful relationship with you.

Our Commitments to you are:

  • Maintain our Core Values in every aspect of our relationship
  • Offer industry leading products with excellent delivery
  • Outstanding follow up service and customer care

Your Commitments are:

Maintain a “Bricks and Mortar” Commercial premises open to the public, including:

  • Certified Air Compressor
  • Classroom/Teaching Facilities
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Well-maintained Rental Equipment Department

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As an experienced rebreather and open circuit technical diver, Bruce clearly understood the need for divers to be offered reasonable choices, requiring as few button pushes as possible, during stressful underwater situations.

Shearwater Research quickly became a major supplier of trimix computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers. After enjoying wide acceptance in technical diving circles, Shearwater gained popularity amongst recreational divers.

Shearwater's computers are notably easy to use for divers at all development levels and have a reputation for being reliable, user friendly, and easy to read underwater. Shearwater computers are designed to improve the journey for divers everywhere.