To Reach 100 Meters, One Must First Worry About Meter 1

To Reach 100 Meters, One Must First Worry About Meter 1


My name is Pepe Salcedo, and I currently live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico where I run Blackfin Freediving, a professional SSI Freediving Training Center. My everyday multi-tasks go between introducing and training new minds into understanding the overall world of freediving, and finding my own path within the professional and personal side of the sport.

I am devoted to my personal growth and training. Amongst other skills I develop, are underwater photography and video. I practice these on a daily basis, having participated in international productions both behind and in front of cameras.

I present myself as a high performance athlete, but in fact, I maintain a balanced lifestyle according to my sporting demands and my personal taste in lifestyle. Amongst my freediving skills, I specialize in CWTBifins (Constant weight bi-fins) for depth. I have accomplished several National Records and a Continental as well.

Photo courtesy of Alex St. Jean

Since a very young age, I always valued my connection to the underwater world and its life. I would say time flows differently when underwater, suspended in time while a meditation takes over.

I remember one particular dive in the Pacific, in the very Northeast of Mexico. Large cliffs plummet deep underwater, covered with seasonal kelp forests, which are massive algae reaching up for the surface from around 70 m. The Ocean that day was perfect, crystal-clear cold water. Sun rays beamed underwater lost with depth, and massive schools of fish of all different types, none of which seemed to be bothered by me. I was neutrally buoyant at 10 meters when time froze, kelp coming and going with mild waves, and fish static in time all around me.

Photo courtesy of Alex St. Jean

Each dive is different, and like every moment in life, it leaves a mark on you. Whichever your goal and your passion is, it is always worth it.

Since being invited to the second edition of the Caribbean Cup 2014 in Honduras, formal training became a part of my daily life. Since then, I’ve grown personally and professionally through this sport that comes so naturally to me. Getting to 100 meters seems to be the right number to work towards.

Photo courtesy of Tilley Photography


Written by Pepe Salcedo

Pepe Salcedo grew up in México, and started freediving at a very young age. He enjoyed the ocean with his family and racing each other underwater across swimming pools. He studied Oceanography at a college next to the ocean and would take any opportunity to get in and practice the sport.

Pepe is the Owner and Founder at Blackfin Freediving in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, and a Freediving Instructor Trainer at SSI Freediving. He specializes in CWTBifins (Constant weight bi-fins) for depth and has several National Records and a Continental. He loves sharing knowledge and experience anywhere he goes, always keeping it safe and fun.