Shearwater Desktop 2.3.5 Released

Download Here:

Release Notes for Shearwater Desktop 2.3.5:

Dive Log Details:

Change: Dive log details have been moved to right hand side bar
Enhancement: Dive log Details now has autocompletion for Location, Site and Buddy.

Dive Graph:

Feature Added: Display of external O2 sensor voltage has been added to the dive graph.
Enhancement: Hover-over text for graph details have been redesigned:

  • Depth is shown in feet/metres instead of atmospheres.
  • TTS has been added to Depth hover-over.
  • @+5 has been added to Depth hover-over.
  • NDL/Next Deco Stop has been added to Depth hover-over.
  • Deco Stop info has been added to Deco Stop hover-over.

Dive Download Dialog:

Enhancement: Help link has been added, linking to a streamlined Quick Start Guide on our website.

Dive List:

Enhancement: Selected dive is now highlighted in bold.

Other Features:

Feature Added: Petrels with firmware v12 and above can upload diagnostic information for use by Shearwater to troubleshoot problems.
Enhancement: Users can now access their raw dive logs more easily using File->Open Dive Log Directory.
Update: The Bluetooth library used on Windows has been updated to increase reliability and speed.
Change: The installer for Windows has been changed to reduce the download size.