NERD2 for Adaptive Diving

NERD2 for Adaptive Diving

From Emma Kingston:

"I recently got a chance to try the OC version of the Shearwater NERD 2. It was an important trial for me because I dive with a disability and hadn't yet found an ideal setup. I have only one arm and, like all amputees, have to think outside the box a lot.

I have both console and wrist computers but neither was ideal and I was restricted in what I could do while using them. The console tends to dangle and I have to scoop it up to look at it, using my hand that would otherwise be holding my compass, light, camera, SMB, lobster bag – you get the idea.
The watch is great when it’s on but I have to ask my buddy to put it on me. I can’t press buttons so I’m restricted to the screen I’ve set up and can’t start or stop timers. So when a friend recommended the NERD 2, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Here are my findings after a weekend of diving with the NERD 2 :

  1. It attaches directly to my regulator and I can see directly into it, 100% hands-free. It feels like looking into those vision testers in your optometrist office – crystal clear and large display despite being a tiny device.
  2. The main screen for rec diving shows me depth, air, NDL, time (elapsed and GTR) and safety stop all in the one place. To switch screens for the compass or stopwatch is a simple push on the right button. I was wearing a glove and it was still easy to do.
  3. The compass rocks! It is much better than the other two I was carrying and so much easier to see. And I didn't have to keep holding it in front of me. It's already right there perfectly positioned.
  4. Everything else. These are the things that I like that have nothing to do with diving one-handed but still worth mentioning – AI transmitter, Bluetooth downloads, fast USB charging, nice desktop software, multi-gas capability, and tech-ready for when I get there

I know that once I have it set up, I'll be a much better diver for it. And I'll be able to hold my camera! If you're an adaptive diver, I strongly recommend you try it out. Even if you aren't, try it anyway!