Version: Ti Silver

The PERDIX 2 x SWIFT COMBO is a convenient package and a great option for anyone getting started with air integration. 

A powerful computer and a sophisticated feature set make the PERDIX 2 ideal for advanced and technical diving. The toughened glass guards a 5.59cm / 2.2" bright screen offering excellent clarity along with impact resistance. The armored casing with precision titanium surround bezel and dependable titanium piezo touch buttons protect the performance-enhanced electronics.

The Swift allows divers to monitor their gas pressure from the convenient, easy-to-read display on their dive computer. The collision avoidance protocol allows for multiple transmitters to be used at the same time with a lower likelihood of dropped communications.

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    오픈 워터에서 요구가 많은 기술 다이빙까지 모든 기능을 갖춤

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    선명하고 생생한 디스플레이 및 노력 없는 사용자 인터페이스

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    공기 통합 기능

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    User Replaceable AA Battery

$1,465.00 USD

Perdix 2 x Swift Combo

공인 딜러 찾기 전 세계 1500개 이상의 딜러에서 구입 가능