Petrel Firmware V18 Released

Petrel Firmware V18 Released

Petrel Firmware V18 has been released.

Download it here:

OC Recreational Mode ScreenNew Feature: Nitrox Recreational Mode
The new Nitrox Recreational Mode is available as a free option on the Petrel Stand Alone (SA) and EXT models. It simplifies operation, offering a streamlined experience for Air and Nitrox divers. The technical open circuit trimix and closed circuit rebreather modes remain unchanged.

Features of the Nitrox Recreational Mode

  • Optional Safety Stops: Safety stops can be set to 3, 4, or 5 minutes, turned off, or set to adapt based on dive conditions.
  • 3 Nitrox Gases: Use up to 3 Nitrox gases, with maximum operating depth (MOD) warnings based on PPO2 and a maximum depth setting.
  • Configurable Bottom Row: The bottom row can be configured based on personal preferences.
  • NDL Planner: An easy to use planner for determining no-decompression times, including the ability to plan for surface intervals.
  • Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph: Shows tissue compartment loading during a dive and allows monitoring residual nitrogen during surface intervals.
  • Full Decompression: The Petrel remains a full featured decompression computer
  • Simplified Setup: For ease of use, settings which are often used incorrectly in the technical modes are limited in configuration options and in some cases held to fixed values.

New Feature: Edit Dive Log Parameters
The following dive log parameters can now be edited on the Petrel

  • Dive log #
  • Start time
  • Start date

Also, the dive can be deleted. There is also an option to clear all logs.

Note that when dives are deleted the data isn’t actually deleted, but rather the log is flagged so that it does not display on the Petrel or desktop software. However, logs can still be undeleted or downloaded with special commands. Reason for the ability to recover logs is in the case of a diving accident, where logs have been accidentally or maliciously deleted.

New Feature: PPO2 Mode (EXT model only)

The PPO2 mode is like the Gauge mode in that it doesn’t do any decompression calculations, but it also includes a PPO2 display from 1 or 3 external O2 sensors for rebreather divers. It features a stopwatch and resettable average depth. When only 1 sensor is used, the center row space can be customized with extra information.

For a complete listing of changes and more information, please read the release notes here: