Shearwater Research Announces The Release of The Perdix 2 & Petrel 3 Dive Computers

Shearwater Research Announces The Release of The Perdix 2 & Petrel 3 Dive Computers

RICHMOND, British Columbia – June 1, 2022 – Shearwater Research Inc. is excited to announce updates of two iconic flagship Shearwater® dive computers, the PERDIX 2™ & PETREL 3™.

PERDIX 2 is our toughest and most reliable full-size computer yet. The armored casing with precision titanium surround bezel and dependable titanium piezo touch buttons protect performance-enhanced electronics.

An aluminosilicate glass lens guards a fantastic 2.2" bright screen and offers improved clarity, impact, and damage resistance. A strong vibration customizable alert system draws attention at critical moments of the dive.

Air integration with up to four Shearwater transmitters allows room to grow from a first computer to a powerful, proven advanced technical diving solution. This is delivered using the trusted and easy to find user-changeable single AA battery and familiar ergonomic compact form factor.

PERDIX 2 is available in Ti and Ti Black colour finishes.

PETREL 3 gives divers our most connected experience. An all new, stunning, easy-to-read, 2.6” AMOLED display is protected by a toughened aluminosilicate glass lens, titanium bezel, and piezo touch buttons.

Air integration is now standard to all Petrel 3 models with up to four Shearwater transmitters to customize a solution from open circuit to rebreather and bailout gas pressure monitoring.

Safety is increased with a strong vibration alert system, and a user-changeable AA battery offers long dive times and ease of replacement.

PETREL 3 is available in standalone or rebreather monitoring models, including DiveCAN, 4-pin AK, and Fischer port connections.

PERDIX 2 and PETREL 3 ship with the familiar, highly intuitive, and simple Shearwater user interface ready for a full range of single and multigas diving. Bluetooth connectivity and the free Shearwater Cloud software allow for dive downloads and future updates.

Available in 10 languages - English, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

PERDIX 2 Ti $1370 CAD plus taxes
PERDIX 2 Ti Black $1420 CAD plus taxes
PETREL 3 from $1600 CAD plus taxes

Shipping commences June 15, 2022 (Americas & Asia Pacific). Europe mid-Summer, 2022.
Available from authorized Shearwater dealers.

Shearwater designs and manufactures scuba diving computers and advanced diving electronics. Our dive computers are highly sought after by divers at all development levels worldwide. We also supply electronic control and monitoring systems for most major rebreather brands worldwide. Our products improve the journey for divers everywhere.

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